The 1st European Festival of Classical Yang Taiji Martial Arts will take place in Poland, on June 16-17, 2018, in  location: the Sulisław Palace & Hotel http://www.palacsulislaw.pl/en/hotel-en/hotel-sitefacility-map/ and Sports Hall Grodków http://www.olimpgrodkow.pl/m,2367,hala-sportowa.html.

The Festival will bring together not only the European adepts of Yangjialaojia (Old Yang Style) of Taijiquan. A strong representation from Taiwan, where the World Yang Taiji Classical Martial Arts Federation is headquartered, as well as the overseas participants from the USA, will also attend the event.

Fundacja Dantian is particularly happy and honored to be attributed the organization of the Festival and would like to thank Master Deng Shihai, Master Ly Chuanzheng and the World Federation for their trust.  The Festival, together with the associated events and preparatory activities, should further popularize the numerous benefits, personal and social, of practicing this traditional martial art in Poland and across Europe.